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Project structure

Component A: Strengthening the environment, favorable to regional cooperation for the generation and adoption of agricultural technologies

CORAF / WECARD and UNCP on the basis of AWPBs and (MoUs) and / or contracts concluded with each of the directorates concerned / Executing Agencies of the Ministries in charge of Agriculture, Livestock or Fisheries or other partner departments in project implementation

  • Sous-Comp A.1: Implementation of ECOWAS common regulations
    • A.1.01:Registration of genetic material such as: pesticides, fertilizers, veterinary and animal products.
  • Sous-Comp A.2: Integration of regional strategies into national action plans
    • A.2.01: knowledge management, of information and communication systems
    • A.2.02:Gender integration
    • A.2.03: Integration of Climate Change
    • A.2.04:sustainable mechanism for financing the agricultural season
    • A.2.05: Intellectual property rights
    • A.2.06: environmental and social management measures

Component B:National Specialization Centers

Support for priority agricultural research programs. CORAF / WECARD support to strengthening NSCs

  • Improvement of basic facilities and equipment of CNS and key national research centers, associated with CNS.
  • ISO certification of CNS.
  • Enhancement of researchers capacity and facilitation of regional partnerships.
  • Support for priority agricultural research programs.
  • CORAF / WECARD support to strengthen the CNS.

Responsible for monitoring the implementation

  • Council for Scientific and Industrial Research in Ghana
  • Institute of Rural Economy in Mali (IER)
  • Senegalese Institute of Agricultural Research in Senegal (ISRA)
  • National Center for Agronomic Research (CNRA) in Ivory Coast (CNRA)
  • National Institute of Environment and Agricultural Research (INERA) of Burkina Faso
  • National Institute for Fresh Water and Fisheries Research (NIFFR) au Nigeria
  • National Institute of Agricultural Research of Benin (INRAB) in Benin
  • Liberia Agronomic Research Institute (LARI) in Libéria
  • National Institute for Agronomic Research of Niger (INRAN) in Niger/li>
  • Sierra Leone Agricultural Research Institute (SLARI) (SLARI) in Sierra Leone
  • National Agronomic Research
  • Institute (NARI) in Gambie
  • Togolese Institute of Agronomic Research (ITRA) in Togo

ComponentC:Support to Generation Demand-driven Dissemination and Adoption of Technologies

Sub-Comp C.1: Generation of demand-driven technologies

  • C.1.01 In the national level
    • Annual stakeholder workshops for developing, monitoring and updating R & D action plans National D
    • Grants to multidisciplinary adaptive research teams to address priority stakeholder needs along value chains, test and adapt technologies generated by NSCs in the subregion
  • At the regional level
    • Regional Competitive Agricultural Research Grants Program Funding (CARGS)

Implementation Monitoring Manager

  • Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in Ghana,
  • National Committee for Agronomic Research (CNRA) in Mali
  • National Fund for Agricultural and Agro-Food Research (FNRAA) in Senegal.
  • FIRCA in Ivory Coast
  • CNRST in Burkina Faso
  • ARCN in Nigeria
  • the UCP in Benin until the National Fund for Agricultural Development (FNDA) is established and operational
  • the National Council for Agronomic Research (CNRA) in Niger
  • the National Fund for Institutional Agricultural Support (FNAIA) in Togo
  • The Program Coordinating Units of Liberia, Benin, Sierra Leone and The Gambia will implement their national competitive funds components, the technical management of which will be provided to national RACs when they are established.

The regional component will be implemented by CORAF / WECARD

Sub-Comp C.2: Support for accelerated adoption of newly released technologies

  • C.1.01 At the national level
    • annual workshops of extension actors / agricultural councils at national and zonal level to develop dissemination action plans, (ii) technology demonstrations to meet the needs of beneficiaries;
    • développement de méthodes de vulgarisation/conseil agricole efficaces
    • development of effective extension methods / agricultural advice.
    • participatory training on extension methods / agricultural advice.
  • At the regional level
    • policy research and actions towards the promotion of effective participatory agricultural extension / advisory systems and pluralistic;
    • l’appui à la mise en œuvre ' des plans d'actions de sensibilisation sur les technologiess développée par les organisations régionales compétentes,

Responsible for monitoring the implementation

  • National Project Coordination Units (UNCP) based on contractual arrangements to be concluded with appropriate public and private service providers
  • Managed by CORAF / WECARD (CORAF) on the basis of contractual arrangements with appropriate public and private service providers

Sous-Comp C.3: Facilitate access to improved genetic material

  • policy development and seed production systems
  • development or improvement of genebanks
  • Upgrading the capacity of public research stations to produce and store basic seeds.
  • Intensification of certified seed production by private enterprises, farmers' organizations;
  • Provision of improved mini-seed kits to producers to revive dissemination, as well as training and technical assistance for seed companies and seed producers.

Responsible for monitoring the implementation

Managed by National Project Coordination Units (UNCP) on the basis of contractual arrangements with appropriate public and private service providers





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